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Plantevin Vineyards and Family

Picture below: View of the village of Séguret
from the Plantevin vineyard.

The Plantevin family owns a total of 35ha of vineyards and some olive orchards. Maison Plantevin vinifies 16 ha of the grapes under our own brand and the rest of them are supplied to the local cooperative caves. The vineyards are interspersed throughout more than 40 different sites from hillside to flat land at an altitudes from 100 to 250m. The area is defined as AOC Cotes du Rhône Villages Séguret, Sablet, Plan de Dieu and also AOC Cotes du Rhone. Our passionate wine maker Laurent-Arnaud Plantevin is the first generation (as part of the 6th generation of vine growers of the Plantevin family ) who established his own winery. During his attendance of the Oenology and Viticulture Degree, he achieved 3rd place at the wine tasting competition in the category CJPV (le Concours Européen des Jeunes Professionnels du vin) at Paris in 2005. In 2007, his first vinification was started in the corner of his fathers shed. He borrowed 1ha of his father's grapes and vinified 1 tank of red wine. Since then his wine has achieved multiple awards in national and internationalwine competitions and appeared in the wine magazines. He continuously equipped and improved his wine facilities and in 2009 he finally established his own Estate.

*Left- one street of Séguret village
*Right- one of the representative grape variety in this area, Grenache

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